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Welcome to my new blog: For Love, For Life.

If you have poked around my website, you’ll know that I am Jenn. You probably picked up on that I am a wife, a mama, a yoga instructor, and birth doula. Though, I want to add that I am a rock climber, backpacker; essentially an outdoor enthusiast. I am an optimist, intuitive, and ambitious. I’ll forever be a student. Never will I ever think I know enough. There is always a new trade to learn. So there is a little bit about me! I would love to ‘meet’ you as well!

The name For Love, For Life started as “4 Love – 4 Life”. As the number 4 is one of the first things my husband noticed when we first met. As we both are born on the 4th of December. (I love sharing my birthday with him!) From there, as our love grew we knew we would be together for ever. So naturally, the blog was very easy to name.

This blog is about my life, our family adventures, anything yoga and pregnancy related, and all things that bring infinite bliss! I am here to share my journey. I hope to inspire, encourage, and help in any way with your journey. Thank you for following!