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I provide therapeutic massage therapy in Boise, Idaho.

My passion is built on connecting the mind, body, and spirit through touch, meditation, and cultivating the inner strength of my clients to enhance their well-being through massage treatments, mobility teachings,
and supporting families in postpartum.

Hi, I'm Jenn!

I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist here in Boise going on four years and truly have felt I have found what I was meant to do in life. I originally moved to Boise to attend Boise State University for athletic training though massage therapy had found me instead. As I am a trained labor doula and gravitated towards physical comfort to support care and pain relief, I knew that massage therapy is something I could connect with to make a difference. That’s why I am most passionate about therapeutic care as I love that massage therapy is finally seen as a vital piece of bodywork in healing to help the body perform at it’s optimal level. I offer therapeutic care where I can encompass many modalities to customize your treatment, prenatal massage, and sports assistance. I utilize some tools, as cupping therapy, scraping, and taping. Now combining my passion of compassionate connection, touch therapy, and my own sports hobbies – it has evolved my career in something that I am proud of about each and every day. I want to help you sustain your element and recharge to get back to your active lifestyle!

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Massage Therapy

Learn about the different modalities I offer and which one would best fit your needs!

Postpartum Placenta Specialist

I am a trained labor doula and postpartum doula. I use those skills to enhance my expertise during prenatal massages and while placenta encapsulation services. Learn about the benefits of encapsulation!


I am not currently offering any classes. When I do, I love teaching prenatal, hatha and yin. Yoga is a key practice to prepare the body physically and mentally.

A Doula, A Trail Guide.

An excerpt of my essay I submitted to DONA International on The Purpose & Value of Labor Support. “A doula is like a trail guide – familiar with the path, she keeps you hiking through the hard parts knowing the view at the end is incredible.” I read this somewhere...


Welcome to my new blog: For Love, For Life. If you have poked around my website, you’ll know that I am Jenn. You probably picked up on that I am a wife, a mama, a yoga instructor, and birth doula. Though, I want to add that I am a rock climber, backpacker; essentially...


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