Why We Are Unique

At Mindful Therapeutic Massage, we want to help you to sustain your element. Meaning live your best life and be present in all that life is yet utilize bodywork to nourish and sustain the life you desire to remain in your element. We believe massage should be a part of any active lifestyle in preventive and rehabilitation care. Mindful Therapeutic Massage is the locals spot to recharge and get back out to an active lifestyle.

Each client we see has a different goal in mind – whether it’s a way to de-stress during a busy time, a way to relax after a strong climbing session, a part of your training plan for a race,  recovery technique from a recent injury, a tool in helping you reach your personal best or a way to celebrate a birthday or milestone in career. At Mindful, we start each appointment with a consultation between client and therapist to best understand your goals and what you are looking to get out of each session.

Our mission is to support the journey of wellness in a space where peace, education, and healing can take place. The success of Mindful Therapeutic Massage is built on trust, expertise, professionalism, and a personal touch that always puts the health and wellbeing of our clients first.

This Is My

My goal with Mindful Therapeutic Massage is to help as many people as possible. I am passionate about massage and getting my clients back out on the trails, slopes, fields, roads or wherever they need to be. I incorporate my knowledge stemmed from my own lifestyle hobbies to better understand and connect with my client’s needs when it comes to functional movement of daily activities. I understand how chronic pain and discomfort can take from our lives and I want to help alleviate this as much as possible through thoughtful therapeutic massage and body work. I customize each session based on the needs of the client.

When I’m not in my office, I enjoy going for a long run in the foothills or mountain biking at Bogus Basin. You can catch me rock climbing at the Black Cliffs with my family or rafting down the Payette River. I am always in ‘awe’ of this incredible planet when I backpack through the Sawtooths in the summertime. I am married to the most incredible adventure partner and we have two unbelievably rad sons that have equally wild souls as we do. I believe in healthy and sustainable living. I love mornings listening to vinyls, reading a good book while enjoying a cup of coffee.

I am devoting myself to my dharma, my life’s purpose – the natural law of life’s essence. My experience continues to inspire me to serve in the health and wellness of our community.


Massage Therapy 

Idaho School of Massage Therapy, 635 hour program (2019)

Continuing Education |
AMTA Sports Certification (In Progress)
RockTape FMT+ Kinesiology Taping (2021)
RockTape FMT+ Blades (2021)
RockTape Mobility Specialist (2020)
RockTape RockPods (2020)
Infant Massage Certification (2017)
Advanced Prenatal Massage Certification (2017)

Doula & Postpartum
Certified Birth Doula, DONA International (2017)
Postpartum Placenta Specialist, ProDoula (2017)

Continuing Education |
Spinning Babies, Lorenza Holt (2016)
Breastfeeding for Doulas, Lynette King (2015)
Birth Doula Training, Baby Bump Services, Kyndal May CD(DONA Trainer) (2014)
Confident Birthing, Kyndal May (2014)


Shanti Yoga School, Prenatal Yoga Teacher (2015)
Shanti Yoga School, 200-Hour Yoga Teacher (2013-2015)

Continuing Education |
Julian Walker Workshop (2014)
Keri Anne-Telford Workshop (2014)
Sara Ivanhoe Workshop (2013)

What Customers Are Saying

I received some prenatal body work by Jenn and it was awesome! She’s got everything to support pregnant bodies during the massage so that you stay safe and comfortable, laying on my front side felt amazing since I was supported so well (even at a full 36 weeks!). She’s very intuitive of what your body needs and is easy to talk to making the experience super positive and relaxing. I’ll definitely be going back as I near my due date!
– Bria, Massage Client 

My wife and I absolutely loved having Jennifer by our side during the birth of our little man. Jennifer did so much for my wife and took such great care of her before, during, and after the birth. I honestly can not think of more amazing person to have shared that experience with.
– Kevin, Doula Father

I had a fabulous prenatal massage with Jenn today. She’s very knowledgeable and thorough. Being able to lay on my front side, fully supported and comfortable (at about 38 weeks!) was so lovely. Ladies, if you’re expecting…. Or even if not… Go see Jenn! 
– Kim, Massage Client